This is probably the most well-known yoga pose out there.  I think my dad could even name it J  Hi Dad!  But despite its commonality, it packs a big punch for both the mind and body. 

Physically it strengthens the whole body, including the bones, and stretches the back of the body including the ankles, back of the legs and spine.   It is also naturally energizing and stimulates blood circulation due to the heart being over the head regulating blood pressure and hormones. 

Mentally, downward facing dog can help to melt away stress as it releases tension on the spine and allows the head and neck to release where stress often resides. 

But the most interesting thing about downward facing dog pose for me is its commonality.   Because it is practiced often, it offers us the opportunity to get in touch with the nuances.  We can examine our habits, create new patterns and check in with our state of balance each time we practice it.  Just like life, it can be boring and mundane or it can be moving and mysterious.  The difference really lies in the sense of connection.