For me this is the quintessential pose that screams I am worthy of love and support.  Not only does it feel amazing, it has positive effects on the body that elevate mood and ease tension.

 To come into this pose comfortably and supported, you will need a few props, but generally we have them around the house.  At the least a pillow and blanket is needed, but two blankets or a bolster would be ideal.

Place one of the folded blankets (or bolster) behind you at the base of your spine and lean back, making sure that the support is positioned so that your head is supported.  You may place another blanket under your head so that it is gently lifted (see photo).  Finally, place the pillow underneath your thighs/knees.  Feel free to wiggle and fidget until you find a comfortable, supported position and then sink in.  You can stay in the pose up to 10 minutes as it is restorative in nature.   As you breathe naturally, allow any body tension to release on the exhale letting yourself sink into deep relaxation.

reclined pose 3.jpg

This pose is a gentle and natural chest opener which helps to improve respiration and to raise the mood in the case of depression.  It is also a great pose for alleviating anxiety as the nervous system is able to retreat, when the back is completely supported.  Finally the firm support at the back allows the deeper muscles around the spine to relax easing tension throughout the body.

Indulge and enjoy, you are worth it!