Thank you for your interest in the Exhale Project.  It is both my experience and my belief that healing must involve the body. Talk therapy as a healing modality for trauma is effective, but together with a body centered approach like yoga, you have the potential to transform your life!  It is from this idea that the Exhale Project was born. 

Since I received my first yoga teacher certification almost 12 years ago, I’ve known that I needed to find a way to teach yoga to those in search of healing. Through my own personal experience with depression and trauma, and after trying various healing methods, yoga was the key that started to unlock my heart.  If practiced with intention and in the right context, yoga has a special ability to bring the focus inward where one begins to realize that healing comes from within.  We all want the magic pill to make things better immediately, but true; lasting healing comes from our own personal decision and hard work. 

As I became clearer about my intention, the universe aligned and this project slowly began to emerge.  After teaching a yoga class one day, a student approached to ask me if I would be interested in teaching Trauma Informed Yoga to survivors of sexual assault.  From this experience, I was trained in Trauma Informed Yoga and gained valuable experience teaching in a trauma informed manner.  Then, out of nowhere, a friend showed up to tell me about a grant offering, and suggested that trauma informed yoga might be a plausible project because of the growing scientific evidence of its benefits for healing trauma and trauma related symptoms.

Today, in the startup phase, the Exhale Project is a work in progress, always evolving and growing with each new experience and need that comes forth.  I hope that you will be a part of the movement and give yoga a try if you are searching for healing.  It is my hope that the Exhale Project will touch you in the way that you need today.